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Mike Kopren ---- Owner  
Mike Kopren is a native of Rapid City and was a graduate of Stevens High school and Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Mike began his career in the car business at the age of 13 washing cars for a local franchise dealership. Mike worked his way through high school doing the grunt work until college. After graduating with a degree in Marketing, Mike moved to Portland, Oregon. In Portland, Mike moved his way up to a sales position with a large Ford Franchaise. It took only about 9 months of standing out in the rain and cool weather, and Mike decided to rethink his path in the car business. Mike took a break and worked other jobs, but it was the love of cars that pulled Mike back in. In 2003, Mike moved back to Rapid City, SD and was offered a Sales position at the local Oldsmobile, Cadillac, GMC store. After only 7 months Mike was running the Finance Department as the Manager. In 2005, Mike and Ron decided to open their own store with the promise to be a great place to do business with fair pricing and honest treatment. After only 5 years in business Mike and Ron were awarded the highest award for independent auto dealers, the "South Dakota Independent Quality Dealer of the Year 2010-2011. Mike loves to help people get the vehicle of their dreams and has the knowhow to make that happen. If you want smoke and mirrors, you are going to have to go elsewhere, because Mike will always give you the honest answer, even if that isn't what you want to hear.